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Curriculum (Discover)

The Curriculum Development Team at DREAM EQUAL builds

elementary, middle, and high school curriculum from the ground up to support our international chapters as they teach members of their community to combat gender stereotypes.

DREAM EQUAL Curriculum Packets go through a meticulous process of ideation, research, drafting, and review, including from education and gender studies professionals, and each includes at least 20 hours of icebreakers and activities for students.

DREAM EQUAL Elementary School Curriculum teaches kids to be confident in themselves, and Middle School Curriculum adds deeper discussion of gender stereotypes and how they manifest in society. Materials for older age groups focus on unlearning biases and creating more room for self-expression in schools, communities, and more. Our curriculum is centered around the themes of respect, kindness and empathy, empowerment, leadership and equality. We are striving to combat gender stereotypes and inspire children to become confident individuals who are proud of who they are 


You can view a excerpt of the DREAM EQUAL Middle School Curriculum here!

A DREAM CHAMPION is an individual that embodies DREAM EQUAL’s pillars -- empowerment, advocacy and education -- and works to break gender stereotypes in their daily lives.

View this month's DREAM CHAMPIONS below!

Dream Champions

Billy Porter

Actor and revolutionary activist Billy Porter is recognized for confronting gender stereotypes in fashion and the media. He has recently taken on the mission of spreading awareness about HIV and is leading the conversation about the stigma.

Sirisha Bandla

Aeronautical engineer Sirisha Bandla will be the second Indian-American woman to go to space. She is pioneering a new generation of WOC in space-related careers. Sirisha is encouraging all youth, regardless of race or gender, to be the future of the space industry. 

Intersectionality is critical to DREAM EQUAL's mission of empowering all people regardless of gender.

Explore how gender stereotypes intersect with various issues below.

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